We have a responsibility to scale this solution to reach more than just 93 patients


The Bottom Line

The OpenSocket system is not just about a lower cost product, it’s about maximizing value for each user, and increasing the number of people who can receive prosthetic care. While there are many people working to give prosthetics to people in need, they cannot reach even a small percentage with conventional approaches.

With OpenSocket technology and an comprehensive plan for widespread distribution, we can dramatically increase access to prosthetic care.


This Is Where You Come In

We have a responsibility to scale this solution to reach more than just 93 patients. To do this we need to grow the capabilities of our organization in two essential ways:

1) Create Molds for Mass Production

Until now, we have made every OpenSocket in our workshop. This enabled us to be efficient in our development process and to quickly and iteratively improve our design. Now that the OpenSocket technology has been well tested and finalized, we need to create the molds to produce at a much larger scale. We have already secured  grant funding to help us start creating molds, but we can predict that we will need an additional $7,000 to complete the molds for three sizes.

2) Give Ourselves the Manpower to Build and Maintain the Network

Bump currently gets by on a tiny skeleton crew and a lot of volunteer power. With this limited bandwidth, we simply cannot execute this on a large scale.

To manage high-volume manufacturing, maintain international partnerships, and build new connections abroad, we need to invest in our team.



We’re asking for a minimum of $50,000 to begin the scale-up phase of the OpenSocket. Without scale-up, this program cannot reach full scale, and many people may be denied access to prosthetic care.

We need your help to make this happen. Donate today.


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This budget outlines at a high level how we will spend the $95,000 to accomplish this mission.

Initial Scale Up Costs ($20K)

  • The costs to grow our manufacturing capabilities.
  • Tooling For Production (Molds) $10,000
  • Initial Production Run $10,000

6 Months of Guaranteed Operation ($75K)

  • 6 Months gives us enough time to grow network of partners to a sustainable level
  • General Operational $2,000/mo
  • Production Costs $3,000/mo
  • Staff - $2,500/mo x 3 People = $7,500/mo
  • Monthly Total of $12,500/mo x 6 months = $75,000
Total $95,000