Your donations will be used to produce OpenSockets for new partnering organizations. Each new partnership we form allows people in a new region of the world to access prosthetic care. Together we will change the 2% statistic and provide more people with prosthetic arms.



3 to 5 coffees per month

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5 to 8 coffees per month

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10 to 16 coffees per month

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Think about the money you spend on coffee each month. Could you donate that same amount to help a great cause?


Sign up for a monthly donation of any amount and we will enter you in our monthly coffee giveaway! Every month we’ll pick one contributor to receive a bag of coffee from Guatemala. It’s some of the best coffee we have ever had!




Hear what one of our partners thinks of the OpenSocket

Peter Rohloff is the Medical Director of Wuqu’ Kawoq, a nonprofit that works with indigenous populations in rural Guatemala.




100% of your donation is spent on the manufacturing, distribution, & fitting of OpenSocket arms to amputees in need


We will also send you a receipt after your first payment and a summary of your total contributions at the end of each year.  

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