Our innovative solution is made up of two complimentary parts


In 2008, our team set out to tackle this global problem. We spent five years, researching, developing, and testing, and we’re excited to announce that we have uncovered a solution.

This solution is made up of two complementary parts, a technology and a distribution system:

Our Technology: The OpenSocket

The OpenSocket is a new type of prosthetic arm. It is just as functional as a conventional body-powered prosthetic arm but differs in the way it is made and fit to patients.

How it’s Made

A conventional prosthetic arm must be custom made for each patient. This is done by a highly-trained prosthetist using specialized tools.

The OpenSocket, alternatively, works like a modern shoe. We mass produce the OpenSocket ahead of time, so when a patient walks in the door, it’s ready to be fit.

Fitting the OpenSocket

Fitting the OpenSocket to a patient only takes about 30 minutes. With a highly-adjustable socket that bends to the contours of a patient's residual limb, this device achieves the same functionality as a custom-fit device without the need for custom fabrication. The person doing the fitting only needs to choose the right size, adjust some simple straps, and connect the harness and the prosthesis is ready to go.

Our System: A Network of Partnerships

Because conventional prosthetic care requires specialized tools and training, it is usually only available from a few centralized locations.

[map with just a few dots]

With the OpenSocket, we can create a much more de-centralized system and vastly increase the number of access points where people can receive prosthetic care.

[ map with a lot of dots]

Here’s how we create this decentralized network:


Form Partnerships

We partner with organizations already working in developing countries and give them some simple OpenSocket training.

Partners Find Patients

Our partners locate people who can benefit from the OpenSocket by advertising in local media and using their records of the region’s population.

Partners Buy OpenSockets

Bump sells the OpenSocket to our partners at $500 per unit, far less than they would typically pay for the equipment, extra staff, and materials needed to fabricate a custom prosthesis.

Partners Fit OpenSockets

Our partners fit patients with the OpenSocket and follow up with them over the long term.