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Oct 5 - Nov 4

Bump started as a project of students at the University of Illinois. That project led to 5 years of work that resulted in the development of a revolutionary technology that makes prosthetic care more accessible for amputees in need. To-date, we have fit 93 patients with the OpenSocket, now we need your help to ensure that this technology is always available to the people who need it.


The Global Problem

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for most people in developing countries to obtain a prostheses. In the developing world, only 2% of people with amputations have access to prosthetic care because prosthetic arms are slowly custom made one by one for each and every patient.


Our Innovative Solution


The OpenSocket, designed through 4 years of research and development, comes ready to be fit and used right out of the box. With the OpenSocket, anyone can receive quality prosthetic care in under 30 minutes.

The OpenSocket can be fit to a patient by a health worker that only has a few hours of training. This fundamental change in how a prosthetic arm is provided opens the door for many more people to receive the care they need to live a fuller life.

Our Model for Impact

We work with existing health-related organizations to provide the OpenSocket to people in need. By using this model of decentralized fitting, we are able to create much greater access to prosthetic care than traditional methods.


How it works:


We partner with health-related aid organizations throughout the world

We produce the OpenSockets in our studio space


Partners order the OpenSocket from us at $500 per device


Partners fit the OpenSocket in a clinic, or even in a home

Where we are today


As of September 16th, we have partnered with 20 organizations to provide the OpenSocket to 93 people in 10 different countries. By doing this, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of the OpenSocket, and our model for distributing it. But this is only a small dent in a global problem. Our partners have more patients lined up and are asking for more OpenSockets to fit them. 

Bump Must Grow

This is where you can help. We need to raise $30,000 to ensure Bump scales beyond a successful project, to a long lasting nonprofit. With this $30,000, we will accomplish 3 goals over the next 4 months that will put Bump in a position to ensure many more people can receive the OpenSocket.

1. Scale Manufacturing

Our field partners are asking for more OpenSockets than we can produce in our Champaign office. In order to meet this need, we will produce plastic components at a facility in Paxton, IL.

2. Invest in Inventory

Right now, it is nearly impossible for us to ship large orders quickly. If we expedite the process by investing in inventory, amputees will be able to access prosthetic care even faster.

3. Build a More Robust Organization

Right now, our team stretches beyond their means to carry out the work of Bump. By fairly and appropriately compensating staff, Bump will ensure that our team can continue to make a full-time commitment to providing prosthetic care to people in need.

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Bump was born and raised in this community.

We work out of a space in the University of Illinois Research Park. Every day we engage people from the C-U community in our effort, and we have been incredibly grateful for your moral support!

Now, we are asking for your help. We want to grow from a successful student project, into a nonprofit organization that is making a lasting impact on the world. We want to continue to reach out from Champaign-Urbana and directly touch the lives of people across the globe, and in doing so prove that an international nonprofit doesn’t have to move to California or New York City to be successful.