Why is your organization called "Bump"?

Our vision is to provide a positive bump to organizations around the world through simple & innovative products. Watch this product testimonial to see how our organization has been giving Wuqu' Kawoq a bump and growing its capacity for care.

Is the OpenSocket appropriate for everyone with an amputation?


The OpenSocket is designed for people with transradial amputations. 

The OpenSocket is designed only for adults with amputations or congenital limb deficiencies below the elbow. With its built-in adjustability, this device fits most patients with this type of amputation. Depending on the shape and size of the residual limb, though, some patients will still need to use a custom-fit device. We refer these patients  to a partner organization that can fabricate a custom device.


The OpenSocket should be one of many options available to a person with an amputation.

We strongly believe that all people with an amputation should be able to obtain quality prosthetic care; however, we also believe that the use of a body-powered prosthesis is one of many equally valid options. . Some amputees and people with limb differences prefer to learn to function without a prosthesis. .

In general, we address the serious challenges amputees face, but we also try to get rid of the misconception that a person with an amputation must receive a prosthesis to become “normal.” Everyone has a different set of physical capabilities, so really, there is no “normal” set. Many people use tools-- eyeglasses, leg braces, etc.-- to function optimally.  

Who can purchase the OpenSocket? 

We partner primarily with health-focused aid organizations who can find and fit recipients of the OpenSocket.  Our partners go through a training process which teaches them how to fit the OpenSocket and how to effectively follow up with patients over time. 

Please send us an email if you have any furthers questions about partnering with us. 

How much does the OpenSocket cost for users?

We encourage our local partner organizations to establish a pay-as-you-can policy. Recipients of the OpenSocket make any donation they can afford to the local organization, even if it’s a few dollars. We believe that when users make an investment in their care, they commit to the process of adapting to the new prosthetic. This policy ensures that no patient is denied the use of a prosthetic device because of their financial situation.

What are the operating costs at Bump? Why are they important? 

A $500 OpenSocket sponsorship includes a $175 allocation to Bump operating expenses such as insurance, legal fees, server space, and administration. We keep our operating expenses low, but your support for this segment of our budget is critical. This funding enables us to build relationships with partners here and abroad, manage volunteers, plan new OpenSocket distribution systems, and design more life-changing products.  

We believe that covering for these costs by raising the price of the OpenSocket for users in developing countries would contradict our mission. For this reason, individual donors like you play an integral role in the organizational structure that makes affordable, innovative products possible.