Traditional prosthetic arms are custom made one at a time for each patient, instead, our OpenSocket is off-the-shelf and comes in small, medium, & large sizes. 


Unlike conventional devices, the OpenSocket is adjustable. It achieves  the contoured, tailored fit of a custom device without the need for custom fabrication.




"It is very exciting see the joy in patients eyes"


"I have an expectation of something good, but not this good. I love that its very light and that the material is very comfortable."

 Carlos Ronac  - OpenSocket user

"We don't have access to an affordable solution in the local market but we were able to fit 12 OpenSocket arms in 2 days" 

Dr. Luis Boquin - Orthopedic Institute of Honduras

"It is very exciting see the joy in patients eyes as you are able to almost magically fit this arm in 30 minutes, in the middle of nowhere."  

Dr. Peter Rohloff - Wuqu' Kawoq Medical Health Alliance