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First OpenSocket in Nicaragua

Yesterday was Jon & Sudeep's first full day in Nicaragua. They sent us an awesome email in the afternoon and I feel compelled to share the email with all of you. Enjoy!

It's Sudeep. Jon is too lazy to type (Sudeep is lying, I am proofreading now. Plus it is really hot here). We did not end up going to Leon today because that meeting was moved to Thursday; instead we stayed in Managua and met with CAPADIFE. We fit a patient named Javier with no hiccups. He lost his arm from a TNT blast when he was a soldier in the army and was very excited to get a new prosthesis. The staff at the clinic were super enthusiastic and engaged and very competent.
Now, we are headed out to explore the great city of Managua. Here are some pictures from the fitting. Blog about it. Thanks.

-Sudeep for Jon.

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Dear Sudeep, please tell Jon that I blogged "about it". Thanks, Ehsan.