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Fitting an OpenSocket with the Red Cross of Nicaragua


Jon woke up early today, not sure why. Sudeep slept an extra half hour, not sure why. After the usual Nicaraguan breakfast of rice, beans, tomatoes, onions, toast, and orange juice, we decided to walk to our first meeting of the day. We met Peter Poetsma of the Red Cross Special Fund for the Disabled Latin America Branch. A brief meeting preceded a trip to CENAPRORTO and another fitting.

The patient's name was Hector (our second Hector in Nicaragua!) and he too was a victim of a land mine explosion. We fit him smoothly with the staff watching, and then went to get some great Salvadoran food for lunch. During this meeting, we had a great discussion with our friends from the Red Cross about future work in Nicaragua. We then headed to the fancy intercontinental hotel where we met Sergio from a local rotary club, hopeful that we will be able to arrange a Managua-based Rotary-driven OpenSocket camp. We are now back at the hotel, indulging in the free wifi and getting ready for tomorrow's visit to Leon!