The first user of the OpenSocket moments before being fit. 

The first user of the OpenSocket moments before being fit. 

Almost five years ago, we started with a big question: can we design an affordable prosthetic arm for amputees in developing countries?

We took one step at a time and in October 2011, after three years of R&D, we fit our first two patients with the OpenSocket. We monitored their usage of the OpenSocket for over a year before we gained confidence in the device's usefulness, comfort, and durability.

During that same one year period, we also completely reinvented the device. We took what was initially made out of sheet metal and redesigned it with HDPE plastic. This made the device lighter, more comfortable, and more affordable.

As of today, I am happy to report that we now have 93 users of the OpenSocket prosthetic arm in partnership with over 20 health-focused organizations in 10 different countries!

As our OpenSocket program grows and scales, we are ready to move our production of plastic components to a nearby factory in Paxton, IL.  We simply cannot continue to meet the demand for the OpenSocket if we continue to manufacture in our office at the Research Park, so this marks a major milestone for our organization.

We look forward to continued support from friends and donors as we make this transition, incur new manufacturing costs, and fit our next 100 patients.