I began my summer of 2013 on a team full of widely experienced interns at Bump. The project I decided to join was set out to design a brand new product: a child-sized prosthesis!

I submersed myself into published articles and read all about child prosthetics, case studies and research on existing products. I learned a lot, but mainly how much a prosthesis can impact a child’s development process. From there, our team set out to make some prototypes.

We initially began by downscaling the OpenSocket. Since then, I have enjoyed collaborating with some industrial design teammates to develop a more creative product. I have learned a lot about the design process from this experience. I am really excited to test out some products at nearby clinics and get some feedback for new and better prototypes. I am hopeful that interacting with child users will be able to give us a lot of tips for improvement. This project has been such a valuable learning experience and I am extremely excited to learn more through rest of the summer and upcoming school year.


 Amy Momsen

Amy Momsen is senior in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. The past year she served as the manager for a LINC project sponsored by Bump at the University.