What will I do this summer?

This is the question that haunts most college students. Internship? Job? Travel? Hoping to combine some of my interests, I set out to find an organization that does work with medical devices in developing counties. Countless emails and hours of searching later, I finally found BUMP. To me it was the perfect combination of non-profit humanitarian work and technical design studio.  The only problem was, it was in Illinois, hundreds of miles away from my home in New York. After a short Skype interview and accepting the internship offer, it was set; I would be spending my summer in Illinois at BUMP. I am really glad I did.


My first two weeks at BUMP have been an amazing learning experience.

Already I have learned about many different types of prosthetic devices, the pros and cons of each type, and what makes the Open Socket prosthetic arm design so unique.  In addition to the physical aspects of prosthetics, I have learned about the psychology of undergoing an amputation and the fitting of new limbs.  In only two weeks, I have helped to build 4 OpenSocket prosthetic arms to be shipped to Central America and I’ve made prototypes of a new prosthetic arm design that will fit children with amputations or limb differences. We’ll keep you updated on our progress throughout the summer, so please follow BUMP on facebook and twitter and check back in with this blog soon!



Ben Solaski

Ben Solaski is junior in Biological Engineering at Cornell University in New York who enjoys spending time at the beach and traveling. He hopes to pursue a career in global bio-tech outreach.