We woke up early today to take an express microbus to Leon, a city about an hour-and-a-half drive northwest of Managua. Leon is a city known for its artistic and political heritage, and is the location of a prosthetics clinic by the name of Walking Unidos.

At Walking Unidos we met with the clinic director Marvin and the executive director Santiago before fitting 11 year-old Eber Delgado with a small OpenSocket prosthesis. Eber was born with a congenital limb deficiency of his arm at a below-elbow level, and outgrew his prior prosthetic arm a while ago. We hope that Eber will be able to use his new arm to build new strength in his short limb as he enters his adolescent years.

We left the clinic and explored the city of Leon, visiting the largest cathedral in Central America, enjoying the Spanish colonial streets, and eating some delicious cuisine. After sweating profusely, we made a sobering visit to a former army prison where political prisoners were tortured during the war here. Thankfully the shooting stopped many years ago, but people are still losing their limbs from unexploded ordinance and prior wounds. 

Sudeep flys back to the United States today and Jon heads back to Guatemala.