Sudeep and I started our day in Managua by visiting two organizations: SHIA Nicaragua and Vision Inclusiva. Both organizations work towards developing the support system and opportunities for people with disabilities in the country. We spoke with them about their potential involvement in organizing a periodic OpenSocket clinic for Nicaragua and our idea was well received.

After these meetings we headed to Teleton-Pipitos, which is a transnational organization that provides rehabilitation services to children with disabilities in Nicaragua. There we met 17 year-old Hector Chevez, who lost his arm when he encountered an unexploded ordinance from the war in his field. We deployed an OpenSocket with Hector, which will replace his current prosthesis that is old and no longer fits him.


Leaving Teleton-Pipitos we headed to the largest market in Central America – Mercado Oriental. Due to security concerns we left the market immediately and headed over to another artisan market where we bought a flag of Nicaragua to hang in our studio in the United States. It is exciting to think that we have added two more flags to our collection in the past week – meaning that Bump has made an impact on two additional countries, and most importantly, several more amputees who needed a prosthetic arm.


We had some great fried cheese, beans, and plantains for dinner, and now are calling it a day, hoping for a reprieve from the ants that attacked us last night as we slept in our budget hotel room. Hope the cockroach spray worked….