A few months ago we got in touch with a group of prosthetists from the Rehabilitation Institute of Indianapolis who were headed to Sierra Leone. This group was taking equipment to construct and fit several leg prostheses, and they were interested to use the OpenSocket to do some arm fittings.


In early February, Sudeep and I traveled to Indianapolis to train the team, and last week they departed on their journey to Africa.

James fitting OpenSocket - 3.png

James, the team leader, has been keeping us updated on their progress, and we've been keeping a close eye on their instagram feed. We're excited to report that they have successfully deployed the first OpenSockets on the African Continent!

Sami setting the cable system.png

Over the last few days, the team has performed several patient fittings, and we're anxiously waiting to hear the detailed results when they get back. In the meantime, check out these pictures from their instagram feed. 

James Fitting OpenSocket - 2.png
Drinking with the OpenSocket.png
Wiping Face.png

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