Our normal Internet connection is down today so unfortunately we can't make one of our normal blog posts. If you see this post it means that we successfully managed to use Ehsan's Blackberry as a wifi hotspot. That means no photos.

Today, like every other day was a great day. In fact it went much better than anticipated. Today we visited Cadeg, the veterans hospital of Guatemala for disability. Their staff of about 30 people gave us a super warm welcome, gave us a presentation, served us coffee, sweets, and McDonalds. We fit one patient to demonstrate the OpenSocket technology and then the two Cadeg prosthetists fit the second patient.

Both of the fittings went really well. The patients are both heavy duty users that have worn out several previous prosthesis. Each of them commented how they really like the light weight of the OpenSocket and the V2P Terminal device. It was good to see some experienced prosthesis users react well to the OpenSocket.