Today was our day to relax and explore. To start off, we crossed Lake Atitlan and climbed part way up one of the nearby volcanoes. This offered many great views of the lake and surrounding villages. 


We were led on our trip by a very competent guide, Estefan, who had been a guerrila fighter in the Guatemalan Civil War. He had lived in these very mountains for many months fighting the oppressive government. After climbing back to the bottom of the volcano and crossing the lake, Estefan took us to his home so we could meet his family. When we arrived, his wife and children were watching Indiana Jones on TV! We had some time to with them, and learn a little about their life in Santiago. 


For the rest of the day, we explored around the local markets.


The day gave us a great chance to decompress, and prepare for the exciting week ahead. Tomorrow we jump right back into fitting patients.