Today began the the first full week back in Champaign for Dylan, Ehsan, and I after our escapades in Central America launching the OpenSocket. Dylan and Ehsan are beginning what is now the third week of the Spring Semester (we made them skip the whole first week), and I am back in our office at EnterpriseWorks. 

Being back in Champaign is a big change from being Central America. It's much colder here, and (most) everyone speaks English. Beyond the obvious, we're back to all of the work we left behind like fundraising, administration, manufacturing, and so on.

While these things might sound much more mundane than fitting someone with an OpenSocket or riding across Guatemala in a cramped bus, they are just as critical to our mission. Everything we do here at home makes it possible for us to give more people access to quality prosthetic care, and that's something I try to remember every day. 

It's my goal to harness all of the energy and excitement from our 3 week trip and use it to push Bump even more aggressively toward our goals. We definitely have some exciting goals in store as well! In two weeks, a team of prosthetists from the Rehabilitation Institute of Indianapolis will head to Sierra Leone with some of our OpenSockets. We're excited to partner with this team to deploy the first OpenSockets on the African continent!

It's also the start of a new semester, which means new teams of students are working with us on projects. We're already off and running with another class of LINC students, and a Senior Design project in Mechanical Science and Engineering.

In the office we're working to make our manufacturing process more robust and efficient, as well as seeking new opportunities for funding and support. Last Friday, I drove over to Harristown, Illinois to speak to an Elementary School that is fundraising to sponsor an OpenSocket. Many thanks to them as they join us in our mission!

Adam Booher fits Jaxon Brenner with the OpenSocket arm.JPG

We invite you all to stay tuned as we continue to move forward. We might be back in good old Champaign-Urbana, but there is still plenty of exciting stuff going on!