While Ehsan, Jonathan, Dylan, and I were traveling around Central America over the last few weeks, another Bump team member was hard at work in India. Sudeep Gowrishankar, Bump's Field Director for India, performed 2 fittings of the OpenSocket with patients there.

Check out this excerpt from Sudeep's internal blog:

...I came back to meet Mohammed Iyanatullah, a 19 year old boy studying at a nearby school. He was born with a defect in his left arm and has about 4” below the elbow. I started his fitting soon after some paperwork. As I was starting the fitting, one of my friends came to visit me at the camp. He, like many others at the camp, watched intently as I fit this strange device to Mohammed. This fitting too was not easy. Having never ever utilized the muscles of his left arm, there was a lot of flab on his residual limb. Getting the harness correctly fitted and the socket securely fastened took time and effort. At the end of it, Mohammed was able to lift three plastic chairs and a box of OpenSockets and tools, something he has never done in his life before.


These 2 fittings, combined with the 30 patients we worked with in Central America, and our 8 previous patients give us a grand total of 40 people currently using the OpenSockets on opposite sides of the globe.

Great work Sudeep!