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This morning we took an early bus from Guatemala City to El Salvador. The total driving time was about 5 hours, and we arrived safely in San Salvador by noon. When we got to the bus terminal, we were met by Jose and Diego, two prosthetic technicians from an organization they had helped found called Asociación Pasos Samaritano. 


Jose and Diego work part time in a bread shop, and then spend the rest of their time running a small, but well-equipped prosthetics workshop. They have fit over 500 prosthetic devices since they started working about 7 years ago! While Jose and Diego both have training in how to produce and fit prosthetic devices, they were eager to see how the OpenSocket might fit into the care they provide to patients. 


We ended up having one patient to work with today, a young man who was also named Jose. Since we only had one patient, we took time to show Jose and Diego the fitting process in detail. After wrapping up the fitting, we went through our usual training process, and in a short time Jose was using the prosthesis very well for someone who had lost his arm over 3 years ago.


After wrapping up the fitting, we all went to a outdoor restaurant for pupusas to celebrate a successful day of work. The restaurant had a beautiful view of San Salvador from it's mountaintop vantage point, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the fare. 

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Tomorrow is our last day working with patients, and we have 8 people lined up to receive the OpenSocket through an organization called Teleton. It will be one last big push before Dylan, Ehsan, and I head back on Sunday. Wish us luck!

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