Today we took a bus from Guatemala City, Guatemala to San Pedro Sula, Honduras where we will be working with the local Rotary Club to fit about 12 arms. Our adventure started at 3:00 am when we woke up. We took a Taxi Amarillo Express at 4:10 am to Hedeman Alas bus terminal. After a brief stay at the terminal, we boarded the bus at 5:00 am.


We should clarify that not all buses are made equal in Latin America. This one was a charter bus that was more like a plane. It included a driver, a security guard, and an attendant. We were served breakfast and a snack.


After 4 hours in the bus, we arrived at the border, where we had to get out and get our passports stamped before walking across into Honduras. Shortly after crossing the border, we stopped in Copan Ruinas for some lunch before completing the remaining 4 hours of our trip.


For the next few days we will be staying at La Cumbre, a very nice small hotel in San Pedro Sula owned by one of the Rotary members sponsoring our work in Honduras. A picture of all our gear for the 2 day camp is below. 


For dinner, we met several members of the local Rotary Club at a Peruvian restaurant. We gave a presentation about Bump, and the OpenSocket to prepare the Rotarians for our work tomorrow. The Rotarians here are very excited to help us deploy OpenSockets with patients this weekend, and we're really looking forward to working with them. Stay tuned for the first day's results tomorrow!