For such a young organization, we have reinvented ourselves numerous times. Always for the better. We have iterated our way to success. We iterate, we test, we fail, we learn, we build, test, repeat. It is in our DNA. 

We are glad to announce that the OpenSocket getting ready for a pilot launch in January 2013. We couldn't be more excited. Three years of work on a very difficult problem is finally starting to pay off as we make a major impact in the lives of amputees in Central America. 


Our progress with the OpenSocket is also coinciding with a major rebrand of our organization. We never felt comfortable with the name Illini Prosthetic Technologies. It was long, boring, and way too focused on "Illini" & "Prosthetic Technologies", neither of which we felt represented us well. 

As we looked into the future, we saw ourselves continuing to innovate and create new products for use in the developing world. We realized that some of these products might have nothing to do with prosthetics. Today, we are proud to unveil our new name and identity:

bump, nonprofit design studio

nonprofit + design studio = bump

As a design studio we develop products and, as a nonprofit organization we form partnerships with other nonprofit entities in order to make a huge positive impact around the world. We make solutions that increase the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.