Today we begin our biggest production run of OpenSockets ever. By the time we’re done, we hope to have cranked out 60 of our below-elbow prosthetic arms. The largest single production run we've undertaken so far was 21 units. This time, we’re going to multiply that by 3, and we’re producing a design that is lighter, more comfortable, and much better looking than anything we've made before.

As with all our production, this run will be carried out in our office space, using primarily volunteer manpower. The awesome volunteers who come in to help us make it possible for us to keep our costs low, while producing such large quantities of OpenSockets.


What’s more exciting to us than all of these new arms, is what we’re going to do with them. 

On January 1st, Ehsan and I will fly down to Guatemala to join Jonathan in delivering and fitting these arms to people who can use them. We’re going to be working with NGOs, governmental organizations, and Rotary Clubs in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. It will be our largest single operation both in terms of time on the ground, area covered, and, most importantly, number of people served.

All of us at Bump are super excited about this trip. We’re most excited because we know it’s just the beginning.

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