I’m going to India in 4 days!!! The pressure to get everything done was really on today. As a result, Bill Taylor, a member of our Board of Directors who is also a trans-radial amputee, came by to help me practice fitting the OpenSocket. This is a crucial part of the preparation for my trip to India. While I am there, I am hoping to fit up to 5 people with the OpenSocket.

Adjusting the harness

Bill was very patient with my first fitting but also managed to give me a hard time as he should. With guidance from Adam, Ehsan and Bill himself, I managed to fit Bill with what he called, “the best fit ever on the OpenSocket”. I am very proud of this fitting, but before I take all the credit I should mention that the design of the OpenSocket also has improved to fit much better than before.  

“the best fit ever on the OpenSocket”

Setting up the cable

Bill Taylor with the OpenSocket

After a very productive and informative fitting session, we got down to finishing the 5 arms I need to carry with me to India. I believe we stayed in the office till about midnight to get everything done. Our day only ended because we were too hungry to carry on working. At the end of the day, we took a picture inspired by thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com to document as well as ensure that I have everything I need for my trip. 

Prosthetic supplies organized neatly

Sudeep holding a prosthetic clinic in a box

Another very exciting development that happened just by chance at the end of the day was that everything I need to fit 5 people in India fit inside a 2’ x 1’ cardboard box. Prosthetic clinic in a box?


by Sudeep Gowrishankar