Dylan has been a huge help to our organization, first as a student, and then as summer intern, and now as a member of our family. He is coming with us on our 20 day trip to Guatemala, Honduras, and & El Salvador. 


Dylan Borrenpohl

Bump Intern, Plastic Expert

EHSAN: So tell me some of your hobbies?

DYLAN: ...

EHSAN: If you don't tell me something to write in this blog post, I am gonna tell everyone you like swimming in the back of pickup trucks.

DYLAN: ...

ADAM: So Dylan, when you signed up for that LINC class, did you know you would get stuck helping us make 45 prosthetic arms and coming to Guatemala with us?

DYLAN: No I had no idea.


EHSAN: How does that box of 45 arms feel?

DYLAN: Light as a feather.

EHSAN: Can you lower the box a little so I can take a picture of your face?


EHSAN: This is going to be the best blog post ever.

DYLAN: No one wants to read about my hobbies.